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Speaking the Same Language:
A Biblical and Educational Approach to Unifying Faith and Clinical Communities

Although popular mental health words such as "depression," "addiction," and "trauma" don't even appear in most translations of the Bible, Scripture nevertheless has a lot to say about these issues.  Conversely, just because you won't find "Jesus" and "sin" explained in many clinical counseling textbooks doesn't mean faith and mental health are somehow incompatible.  To the contrary, many of the tools and techniques used for alleviating mental health issues are indistinguishable from the time-honored Christian disciplines and traditions God gave us for living and growing in spiritual maturity.  To see the similarities, however, one must first learn to see through the language barriers and conduct proper translations.  Come join us as we explore the unity and overlap between spiritual and mental health, as well as identify how many of these similarities have been lost or distorted in translation.  This series will work to equip participants with knowledge and skills to help break down the false divisions which have been set up between faith and mental health communities, all while providing practical and theologically sound approaches anyone can use for healing, growth, and relationship building.  Plus, it's all FREE for everyone!

The Devastation of Isolation.PNG

The Devastation of Isolation

Today, anxiety, depression, addiction and suicide are running rampant in our communities and those within faith communities are not immune. Faith communities and clinic communities must work together to repair and restore the devastating affects these mental health issues are causing; but, how can faith and clinical communities work together, when they don’t seem to speak the same language? 

4D Thinking Video Image.PNG

4-D Thinking

In this installment in our Speaking the Same Language video series, we are going to be talking about four dimensional or 4D thinking and how we can effectively apply the knowledge that was presented in our Critical Dimensions video.

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Listening Skills

In this video, we're going to get down to the nitty gritty of what it practically takes to become a more effective and successful listener. Although some may refer to listening itself as a skill, for our purposes is more helpful to think of it as an ability which is made-up of many smaller skills.

Critical Dimensions Video Image.PNG

Critical Dimensions

A discussion of various psychological frameworks and the relationship between these frameworks and language.

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