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Caring for people in crisis is complex and the Hope Counseling Center provides critically needed mental-health services to those in need. Our desire is to see individuals and families move one step closer to achieving greater independence and healthier lives.

Counseling Consultations

Counseling Consultations are opportunities to talk with a knowledgeable clinician about whatever you’re dealing with in your life, from stress and worries to loneliness and relationship issues.


With a consultation you can expect to find help and support for what you’re going through, answers to questions you might have about mental health and relationship issues, and recommendations for helpful next steps to take.


There is no cost or obligation for a consultation, it is just an opportunity to connect with a trained helper.


Counseling Care

Counseling Care is an ongoing professional relationship designed to formally identify and address mental, emotional, spiritual, behavioral, and relational health issues. 


With counseling care you can expect to develop personalized goals and to work with your counselor on an individualized counseling plan for meeting those goals.

Ongoing counseling care requires professional fees and may be covered by your insurance plan.

Our board-licensed counselors and counselor trainees are ready and willing to be there for you.  We regularly treat a broad range of conditions such as depression, anxiety, trauma related disorders, relationship issues, and other psychological, emotional, and social problems.

The bottom line is we don’t want you to have to face whatever it is you’re facing alone!

Hope Counseling Center

Address:  3964 East Main Street

Columbus, Ohio 43213


Phone: 614-252-2500x207

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